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Malcolm Springer

Malcolm Springer is an engineer, producer, and mixer who is currently based out of Nashville, Tennessee. Springer has also extensively worked in Memphis, New York, and L.A. He is known for his diverse production styles, engineering, and mixing of rock, pop, country, and southern rock genres.

Malcolm also hosts the podcast "Malcolm Springer Unplugged", on youtube. The podcast is Malcolm's way of sharing the special world that he is a part of. The podcast has guest appearances from music industry legends, famous rock artists, pop artists, hip-hop artists, movie stars, experts in science, paranormal investigators, and experts in cryptozoology.   


Year    Artist                     Album                       Credit            Label

1992   The Screaming Cheetah Wheelies   

       "The Screaming Cheetah Wheelies"                 Engineer        Atlantic

1993   A TRIBUTE TO ELVIS      Now Or Never             2nd Engineer    Mercury

1993   Mother StationBrand     Brand New Bang           Engineer        WEA

1993   THE JERKY BOYS          (Original Soundtrack)    Engineer        Rhino

1993   Collective Soul         GEL                      2nd Engineer    Atlantic

1994   The Mother Station      Brand New Bag            Engineer        East/West           

1994   Joan Armatrading        What's Inside            Engineer        RCA

1994   O'landa Draper           

       Live: "A Celebration Of Praise"                  2nd Engineer    SONY

1995   Kenny Wayne Shepard     Ledbetter Heights        2nd Engineer    Giant

1995   God Street Wine         $1.99 Romances           Engineer        Geffen

1995   Collective Soul         Collective Soul          2nd Engineer    Atlantic

1995   Joshua Kadison          Delilah Blue             2nd Engineer    Capital

1995   The Gales Brothers      Left Hand Brand          Engineer/Mixer  HoB/BMG

1995   Wayne Perkins           Mendo Hotel              Engineer        Cafe

1995   Isaac Hayes             Branded                  Engineer        Atlantic

1995   Royal Trux              Thank You                Engineer        Charisma

1995   Danny Tate              Nobody's Perfect         Engineer        Chrysalis

1995   Jennifer Holiday        ON & ON                  2nd Engineer    Create


       COLLECTIVE SOUL: "Jealous Guy"                   2nd Engineer    Hollywood          

1996   Paul Black              King Dollar              Engineer/Mixer  Code Blue

1996   Wendy Moten             Life's What You Make It  Engineer        EMI

1996   TELA                    Twisted                  Engineer        Suave House

1996   TELA                    Piece Of Mind            2nd Engineer    Rap ALOT

1996   God Street Wine         RED                      Engineer/Mixer  Mercury

1996   Matchbox Twenty         

       "Yourself Or Someone Like You"                   2nd Engineer    Lava

1996   Beavis and Butthead     "Original Motion Picture Soundtrack"                                Isaac Hayes             Two Cool Guys            Engineer        Geffen              

1996   Ominous Seapods         Jet Smooth Ride          Engineer/Mixer  Ripe&Ready

1997   Johnny Lang             Lie To Me                2nd Engineer    A&M

1997   Calvin Russell          The Story of             Engineer/Mixer  Virgin

1997   Savior     

       "Original Motion Picture Soundtrack"             Engineer/Mixer  Sony                

1997   Boz Skaggs              Come on Home             Engineer        Virgin US

1997   Collective Soul         Disciplined Breakdown    2nd Engineer    Atlantic

1997   God Street Wine         God Street Wine          Engineer        Mercury/Island

1997   Andrew Dorff            Hint of a Mess           2nd Engineer    Interscope

1997   Claw hammer             Hold Out Your Tongue     2nd Engineer    Capital

1997   The Ominous Seapods     Jet Smooth Ride          Engineer/Mixer  Ripe&Ready

1998   Hope Floats             

       "Original Motion Picture Soundtrack"             Engineer        Capital

1998   Varsity Blues

       "Original Motion Picture Soundtrack".            Engineer        Mercury

1998   Bare Jr.                Boo-Tay                  Engineer        Immortal

1998   Emmet Swimming          Big Night Without You    Engineer        Capital

1998   Larry McCray            Born to Play the Blues   Engineer/Mixer  Code Blue/Atlantic  

1998   The Ominous Seapods     Matinee Idols: Late Show Engineer/Mixer  Ripe&Ready

1998   O'Landa Drape&the Assoc "Reflections"            Engineer        Sony                

1998   The Horse Whisperer      

       "Original Motion Picture Soundtrack"             Engineer        MCA

1998   Bare Jr.                You Blew Me Off          2nd Engineer    Immortal

1999   Full Devil Jacket       A Wax Box Ep             Producer        Island/Def Jam

2000   Green Iron Fist         Heavy Metal 2000 

       "Original Motion Picture Soundtrack"             Producer        Restless                

2000   Greenwheel              Hello                    Producer        Island/Def Jam

2000   Mile                    Back to the Floor        Producer        Columbia

2000   Mile                    Driving Under Stars      Producer        Columbia

2000   Full Devil Jacket       Full Devil Jacket        Producer        Island/Def Jam

2000   Heavy Metal 2000           

       "Original Motion Picture Soundtrack"             Comp/Producer   Restless

2000   Tidewater Grain         Here on the Outside      Producer        Ruff-N-Warner

2000   MTV                     The Return of the Rock   Producer        Road Runner

2000   Full Devil Jacket       Scream 3 Album                  

       "Original Motion Picture Soundtrack"             Producer        Imports/Sony

2000   Liquid Gang             Sunshine                 Producer        Lava/Atlantic

2001   Fear Factory            Digimortal               Producer        Road Runner

2001   Saving Silverman       

       "Original Motion Picture Soundtrack"             Producer        Columbia

2001   Mesh STL                Lowercase                Producer        The Firm/Warner

2001   Too Fast Too Furious        

       "Original Motion Picture Soundtrack"             Producer        Interscope

2001   Spike 1000              Make me Suffer           Producer        Portrait

2001   Spike 1000              Waste of Skin            Producer        Columbia

2001   Eric Gales              That's What I Am         Engineer/Mixer  MCA

2001   Greenwheel              Hello                    Comp/Producer   Island/Def Jam

2002   Greenwheel              Shelter                  Producer        Island/Def Jam

2002   Greenwheel              Soma Holiday "EP"        Comp/Producer   Island/Def Jam

2002   Spiderman                   

       "Original Motion Picture Soundtrack"             Producer        Universal

2002   Hotwire                 Nuero Girl               Producer        RCA

2002   Greenwheel              single: "Breathe"        Producer        Island/Def Jam

2002   Sinch                   Something more           Producer        Road Runner

2003   Sinch                   Sinch                    Producer/Mixer  Road Runner

2003   Greenwheel              NHL 2004 single: Strong  Comp/Producer   EASports

2004   (InTheClear)            2004 Promo CD            Producer        N/A

2004   Modern Day Zero         Coming Up for Air        Producer        Bullet339

2004   Modern Day Zero         NASCAR 2004 single: DOWN Producer        EASports

2004   Modern Day Zero         NHL 2004 single: DOWN    Producer        EASports

2005   Six by Silver           Earthquake               C/M/P/E         Code 5 

2005   (InTheClear)            Dirty Cheese             P/E/M           INC

2006   Promise to Burn         And Everything After     C/M/P/E         Indie

2006   Dead Rising           

       "Original Motion Picture Soundtrack"             C/M/P/E         Suleputer

2006   Greenwheel             Bridges for Burning       C/M/P           Indie

2006   Cavo                  

       "The Painful Art of Letting Go"                  Producer        Bullet 339 

2007   (InTheClear)           NinetySeven11LyricLane    Producer/Mixer  INC                 

2007   Matchbox 20            Exile on Mainstream       2nd Engineer    Atlantic/Lava

2007   Man Automatic          In the Eyes of a Child    Comp/Producer   J Distro            

2007    Nova Red               No Regrets                C/P/M/E         Indie

2007   LEO                    Nightmares                C/P/M/E         10 Inch

2007   Time of Favor          Cannonballs and Whispers  Arranger        Indie

2008   Boone Street           3 Years Coming            C/P/M/E         Indie

2008   Brook Royal            Motives                   Producer        Bullet 339

2008   November               Superstar Parades         Arranger        UVT

2009   Brook Royal            There Was A Time          Producer        Bullet 339 

2009   Collective Soul        Rhino Classic Albums Collection         

       "Rhino Classic Albums Collection"                2nd Engineer    Atlantic

2010   One Less Reason        

       "Faces and Four Letter Words"                    Mixer           Arsenic

2010   One Less Reason                    

       "Faces and Four Letter Words"                    Mixer           Indie

2010   One Less Reason   

       "Seasons" feat. (Brett Smith from Shinedown)     Mixer           Atlantic

2010   Dead Rising 2         

       "Original Motion Picture Soundtrack"             C/P/E           Suleputer

2010   Dead Rising 2        

       Single: "Heaven's Creepin In"                    C/P/E           Suleputer

2011   Reform the Resistance  The Truth is Dangerous    Arranger        WILI

2011   Brett Manning          Love Justice              C/P/M/E         UVT ENT

2011   Track Fighter          Revenge                   C/P/M/E         SMG

2012   Undecided Majors        Redemption Rule           C/P/M/E         Apple Row

2012   Outbound Road          Hard County               P/E             Sony

2012   Signum A.D.            Veto the Vultures Vol. 1  C/P/M/E         Cage Rattle

2013   Tantric                37 Channels               Producer        SMG

2013   The Sixxis             The Sixxis                Producer/Mixer  Glassville 

2013   Ryan Sims              Ryan Sims                 Producer/Mixer  Indie

2013   Dead Rising 3             

       "Original Motion Picture Soundtrack".            C/P/M/E         Suleputer

2014   Sad Movie Scene        Never Enough              C/P/M/E         Indie

2014   Wings of Apollo        By Force                  Producer/Mixer  Indie

2016   Dark Below             Dark Below EP             C/P/M/E         JPS

2017   Bryan Fox                

       "It's Going to Be That Kind of Night"            Mixer           2566564 DK

2017   Elephant Room          All We Know EP            C/P/M/E         Island Earth 

2018   Darin Jones/Last Men Standing    (self-titled)   P/M/E           DJ LVC              2019   Faydra                

       single: "When I Go Home Tonight"                 P/M/E           Faydra

2019   Bryan Fox and Nappy Roots.       

                             single: "That's About Me"  C/P/M/E         2566564 DK

2019   Dane Maxwell             

       "Into the Light No Need to Hide" (LP)            P/M/E           The Foundation

2019   The Lowdown Drifters  Last Call for Dreamers     P/M/E           Edgewater Music

2019   Jamie Fontaine and the Level

                             single: "Save Your Life"   C/P/M/E         Stryker 

                             single: "Low"              C/P/M/E         Stryker 

                             single: "Nothing"          C/P/M/E         Stryker 

2020   Dead Girls Academy    Doves In Glass Houses (LP) Producer/Mixer  Mission Two ENT

2020   Admiral Funk Band     EP                         P/M/E           indie

2020   Native State          single: "Down And Out"     C/P/M/E

                                                                    single: "I Want You" 

2021   Dakota Poorman        American Made (LP)         C/P/M/E         10inch Vinyl 

2021   Rick Monroe and the Hitmen   (LP name TBA)       P/M/E           IGM

2021   Rick Monroe and the Hitmen 

       "God's Ear" (for St Jude's Hospital)             P/M/E           The Label Group

       "World Gone Crazy"                               P/M/E           The Label Group

       "Common Ground"                                  MIXER           The Label Group

       "Bad Strech of the Road"                         P/M/E           The Label Group

       "Let's Get Drunk"                                P/M/E           The Label Group

2021   Scotty Austin         (LP name TBA)              P/M/E           Stryker

       single: "Rebel Yell"                             P/M/E           Stryker

2021   Drew Lines and Saving Abel

                             single: "15 Minutes Of Fame"                                                                                            P/M/E           Stryker

2021   Drew Lines            single: "Love Is War"      C/P/M/E         Stryker

                             single: "Rise"             C/P/M/E         Stryker

2021   Cordell Winter        (EP: name TBD)             C/P/M/E         SMG

                             single: "Feed Your Head"   C/P/M/E         SMG

2021   Dark Below            SSE (full LP)              C/P/M/E         JPS

                             single: Tense              C/P/M/E         JPS

                             single: Hate Being Human   C/P/M/E         JPS

2022   Bob Green             single: Whisky Weed And Wine P/M/E         Elsistema  

                             single: "Pirates Life"     P/M/E           Elsistema 

                             single: "Full Moon"        P/M/E           Elsistema

2022   Lucid Illusion        "Somethin New"             P/M/E           LI/RPM

2022   The Other LA          single: "Freak Show"       C/P/E           SMG

                             single: "Goddess"          C/P/M/E         SMG

2022   Cordell Winter        single: Eternity           P/M/E           SMG

2022   Scotty Austin         single: "Money"            P/M/E           Stryker 

2022   Josey Scott           single: "Evel Knievel"     C/P/M/E         Elsistema 

2022   Josey Scott                                                 

       Acous EP: "Weight Of The World"                  P/M/E           Elsistema


                 "One More Chance"

                 "Weight Of The World"

                 "Your Disease" 

2022   One Day Alive         

       single: "Bringing On The Pain"                   Mixer           SMG

       single: "So Alive"                               C/M/E           SMG

2022   FeverSlip             LP (name TBA)              C/P/M/E         Sponge Bath

2023   9 Left Dead           EP (name TBA)              P/M/E           TBA

2023   Scotty Austin         single: "Psycho Sex"       P/M/E           Stryker




              Kayne West

              Johnny Cash


              Creedence Clearwater Revival                      

              Steve Miller

              Lewis Capaldi                                        

              Jay Z                    



              White Zombie              

              Peter Frampton


Elegant Title



Malcolm Springer was born in Hayti, Missouri, in 1970. A gifted musician, Springer grew up listening to the Delta Blues artists such as Robert Johnson and Muddy Waters. Later on, in his teenage years, Springer began studying rock bands such as Led Zeppelin and AC/DC.

Springer graduated from Portageville High School in Portageville, Missouri, a small town in New Madrid County, Missouri. He then went on to attend Southeast Missouri State University in Cape Girardeau, Missouri but dropped out after a year. During his time at Southeast Missouri State University, Springer played string bass in the university orchestra.


In 1991, shortly after his time at university, Springer worked for Solid State Logic, where he most notably helped to install the first moving fader Ultimation system. In 1992, Springer relocated to Memphis, Tennessee, to pursue audio engineering at Beale Street Studios. After working on multiple projects at Beale Street Studios (including records with acts such as Screamin' Cheetah Wheelies, O'Landa Draper, and Mother Station), he advanced to chief engineer of the studio. In 1993, Springer went on to become chief engineer of the House of Blues Studios in Memphis TN. Two years later, in 1995, Springer worked as a staff engineer at Ocean Way Recording, also located in Nashville. At Ocean Way, Springer met engineer and musician Peter Collins (record producer), which led to him becoming Collins’ assistant engineer and production coordinator from 1996 until 1997. In the year 2000, Springer signed a label imprint deal with The Island Def Jam Music Group, causing him to relocate to New York City. Springer’s peers here included many other notable music industry professionals, such as Lyor Cohen, Rick Rubin, and Glen Ballard.[4] Springer currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee, working as an audio engineer at East Iris Studios (formerly the House of Blues Studios, which was renamed after Universal Music Group’s 2019 acquisition of the studios).[5]

Malcolm Springer has earned recognition as an arranger, writer, engineer, producer, and mixer. He has worked with an array of artists, including Matchbox 20, Collective Soul, Full Devil Jacket, Isaac Hayes, Greenwheel, Modern Day Zero, Tantric (band), Fear Factory, Eric Clapton, Johnny Lang, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Bill Payne, God Street Wine, Albert King, Screamin' Cheetah Wheelies, Derek Trucks, Clutch, Alison Krauss, Scotty Austin of Saving Abel, Jonathan Montoya of Saliva (band), Shinedown, Mark Collie, Danny Tate, Saliva (band), Sinch, Spike 1000, John Popper, Bryan Fox, Brett Manning, Sleeper Agent (band), Citizen Cope, Wayne Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, Anita Baker, The Allman Brothers, Bobby Whitlock, Joan Armatrading, Boz Scaggs, Nappy Roots, and many others. He has received multiple golden and platinum records for his extensive production and engineering work in music.



The idea of the show grew out of Malcolm's engineering and production career. Over and over he found himself impressed with the intelligence and thoughtfulness of the artists he was working with. While working on the music, they had far-ranging and intriguing conversations on everything from how they came to be who they were to what they valued in life to their concerns for the world around them. Malcolm saw a side of the artists - was able to draw out a side of the artist - that few people had the pleasure of seeing. The podcast is Malcolm's way of sharing the special world that he's been a part of for so long. 


Chief Warrant Officer 3 (Retired) and former Med Evac Black Hawk Pilot Scott Shepherd joins this week to talk about his experiences during his active duty in Korea, Iraq, and Afghanistan.


World famous vocal coach Brett Manning, (who worked with Taylor Swift, Hayley Williams, and countless others) joins this week to talk about his trips around the world, and the different kinds of techniques he teaches for different languages, and religions.


This week Saving Abel's songwriter and drummer Jason Null joins to talk about how Saving Abel was formed, his thoughts on the Flat Earth theory, whether or not NASA is real, and more.



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